The world of languages becomes more beautiful as we keep on accumulating knowledge and information. The LocWrold39 in Kaula Lampur, was a big event for language professionals. Now, the next big event is Gala 2019[…]

Translating one language to another is always complex. It is prone to leave many errors, specifically if the speaker does not practice critical thinking. The same thing happened to US President Donald Trump. In details,[…]

A new and one of a kind study was conducted at the University of Arkansas in 2017, and was aimed to know what kind of language people prefer when it comes to legal proceeding and[…]

If your target market is Vietnam, it’s about time you join hands with the localization experts to get your business going on the right track. An effective English Vietnamese localization is imperative in order to[…]

In order to come in top search results of Vietnamese search engines, it is important to opt for Vietnamese website localization – a process that adapts an existing website to the local culture and language[…]

Your website is the reflection of your business; it’s your virtual storefront that communicates who your company is and what it does. So if you are considering taking your business global, it is important to[…]

Vietnamese and English are very different from each other. Where the first one is spoken in up to six tones and flexible word order, the second one follows set grammar rules. So when it comes[…]

Transtrust’s decades of experience in transcreation makes us capable of handling any marketing agenda with a high level of precision, reliability, and fine quality. Today’s international marketing does not just require a brand but also[…]

Vietnamese is a much complex language than its vocabulary might indicate through its tone.  And, this is the most challenging aspect of this language. It’s been filled with the borrowed words that have gone through[…]

Advertising is called the art of persuasion and if businesses go wrong with this, it is difficult to establish a stronghold on the market. Yes, like any art, this area too involves ideas and a[…]