Effect of Gala 2019 Munich on Language Business and Professional Vietnamese translation services

The world of languages becomes more beautiful as we keep on accumulating knowledge and information. The LocWrold39 in Kaula Lampur, was a big event for language professionals. Now, the next big event is Gala 2019 going to be held in Munich March. The localization professionals will meet again at this big event from all around the world. According to Alexandra Proca from Women in Localization, this Gala is going to address an important issue of unsettling relationship between advanced technologies and human in the language business. The answer to the question of friendly or enmity relationship between AI and language business will be explored to increase the quality of specialized services over the globe.

Participants will benefit from this big 3-day event, especially from the mass networking and professional development. Romantic Neuschwanstein Castle will definitely be a great attraction for the visitors of Gala 2019. Regional development workshop will be a vast opportunity to learn language quality management, managing vendors and professional tips to handle project management issues. Delegates from different countries like Latin America, Egypt and Arabic Speaking, Spanish Speaking, India, China, Sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asian will share valuable information and moral experiences of their professional life. The decision to the problem of increasing Artificial Intelligence and reducing human participation will change the translation business to a great extent.

Transtrust is also very excited for this event as a lot of new industry ideas will be explored. The knowledge and information consolidated from Gala 2019 will help us provide more Professional Vietnamese translation services to our valuable clients. Transtrust will update our technologies as well as terminology banks based on the new needs and trends to provide higher quality services to our clients.

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