English Vietnamese Voiceover/Voiceover Supervision

Vietnamese voice-over translation is an audiovisual method of translating in which actors’ voices in the original audio track are recorded over but can still be heard in the background.

Dubbing, re-recording or mixing is the process of “mixing” original sound with the additional recordings to create finished soundtrack.

Transtrust voice-over service can provide materials for:

  • TV broadcasting
  • Training courses and videos
  • Website video content
  • Internal and external business use

We offer a broad pool of voice talents, each of whom possesses vocal fluency in variety of emotion states. They are available in three main Vietnamese accents from the North, the Middle and the South.

​Once we receive an order from a customer, a quality manager will create a checklist of requirements in order to develop and ensure an efficient process before the project even starts. The checklist outlines the requirements of each step of preparing voice-overs. In our screening process, a group of voice samples from our voice actors will be sent to the customer in order to ensure the selected speaker/actor fulfills all of the requirements of the customer, which include but are not limited to accent, fluency, emotional intonation and speed. The samples will be sent until the customer is completely and 100% satisfied with the selected voice actor. Next is the on-boarding process in which our team member gets more insights regarding the contents he or she is going to convey. Then comes the working process. At TransTrust, we are equally concerned with the after-work process, during which we receive customers’ feedback, allowing us to improve our services and ensure our continued success.

Subtitling involves the creation of a subtitled text in the source language, including the time code, subtitle translation, and a careful attention to the number of characters in each line. It requires a strong understanding of the complexities of translating different kinds of program content and genres as well as the ability to keep the original meaning and context in the subtitles.

3-Star-Process is applied in subtitling: All the work must pass through three steps of translation, proofreading and final eye before reaching customers. In each step, the team leader thoroughly oversees and verifies the quality of the work, ensuring accurate content and exact length when compared to the original source.

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