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Australian readers have developed their taste in translated literature from across the globe, which not only is a healthy way of interaction between different cultures but also pays off the effort writers put in compiling their masterpieces.

Recently the nominees for one of the most prestigious literary awards “the Man Booker award” included Korean, Hungarian and Arabic books too. And this healthy trend shows the close bondage being developed among the readers and writers.

Apart from the nominees, some best-sellers in Australia include novels from Polish, Korean and many other languages. And these figures have put a big responsibility on the translators and publishing houses.

Some marvellous translated pieces these publishing houses have given to Australian readers are “The Impossible Fairy-tale” by Han Yujoo (South-Korean writer), “Apple and Knife” by Intan Paramaditha (Indonesian writer) and numerous others.

The ever-increasing demand for literary translations has developed a huge market of translators and many translation scholars have been putting in their efforts while doing this tough job.

Vietnamese writers are well-known for their contributions in literature and we at TransTrust acknowledge that. Therefore, to spread their word worldwide, we are offering Vietnamese to English Translation Services for our English readers.

Our Vietnamese to English translation services are up to the mark and are bound to develop the readers’ interest in our un-explored Vietnamese literature.

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