Business English to Vietnamese Translation Essentials

Business often aim to globalize and expand their services across new markets. The economic benefits of expanding your business do not come without their challenges, however, and businesses must deal with the translation of business and legal documents into the target language of the country they aim to expand to. These translations involve a number of critical elements that may not be found in many other industries. 

There are many reasons why businesses will need translation when looking to globalize. Translating content for international audiences has many benefits for businesses. It can help to facilitate an overseas business partnership, or to expand their market reach and sell to global consumers. 

When content is translated well, it can make a huge difference in how the brand is received by local audiences.  This goes for bad translations as well, as this can easily make your brand look bad or unprofessional. 

Ian Henderson, chief technology officer and chairman of global language service provider Rubric, says “Poor quality negatively impacts your branding. If you’re an overseas hotel and [a native speaker] reads your description online, he or she may seriously question your reputation based on a bad translation.” 

Business related documents are filled  with specific terminology, with a clear and distinct meaning, and a simple change in a word’s context could have disastrous results. When these words are translated from language to language, it is important to know the unique legal language of the target country.

At TransTrust, we understand the importance of accurate translation for businesses. We know that business language is very different to the way language is spoken in other industries, and must be carefully done in a way that shows your brand in its best light.  If you care about your business, ensure your translation service has the expertise in the language, field, law, and culture of your target audience when choosing a translator for your documents. 

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