For native English speakers living in Vietnam, it is clear that there are major differences between the two languages.  Often foreigners come to Vietnam to teach English, as the overall demand for English speakers in[…]

You have a vision to globalize your business and extend your services in Vietnam but the one thing that stands in the way is the translation. Good translation services don’t come cheap. Yes, you may[…]

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Translating one language to another is always complex. It is prone to leave many errors, specifically if the speaker does not practice critical thinking. This happened to US President Donald Trump. The well-known French Translator[…]

In France, asylum seekers who do not speak French, or who don’t speak it well enough, must use interpreters to tell their story. Interpreting requires much focus and accuracy. Especially when the message of the[…]

English learners are often told they should avoid translating when trying to get a grasp on their new language. If you’re an English language learner, you have probably been told this by your teacher. However,[…]

Localization Software Market 2019 is a report covering the industry growth, share market, trends of development, demands, investment plans, possible business ideas, and what to anticipate by 2026. A detailed comparison is done about the[…]

There are several aspects to build the foundation of an organization that requires huge labor demand. Instead of hiring in-house talent or outsourcing, AI can be a huge benefit for almost the same budget. According[…]

TransTrust has always put great emphasis on creating a reliable platform for global organizations. It is playing its part in providing the global business giants to find their way in the Vietnamese market. However, the[…]