Lately, Google has been focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence into its products, and the recent introduction of Translatotron is an example of it. It is an end-to-end and speech to speech translation model[…]

New standards on legal interpreting have been published by an organization responsible for developing and publishing international standards (ISO) International Organization for Standardization. Language service standards are maintained by a dedicated unit of ISO team[…]

The following piece of writing comes from the Bay Area Book Festival that took place in Berkeley, California. As we know all the great and scholarly works from the past like Shakyamuni Buddha, Plato, Kafka,[…]

Google is known for A/B testing every now and then on its applications and services. Recently there has been an increased number of tests and Google is now experimenting with Material Theme redesign, which allows[…]

Transcreation is a creative endeavor. One must step back from the source and to convey the emotional equivalent in the target language. It adds emotional impact and meaning from one language to another. To create[…]

Marketing translation is essentially the simplification of marketing objectives. Many questions are raised about marketing translation and its types. Translation of marketing material is different than other types of translation for several reasons. Some of[…]

Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE) is a collective database for all European countries, in which they can access an online database and learn from this huge educational platform.  This database was established in 2004 with[…]

Australian readers have developed their taste in translated literature from across the globe, which not only is a healthy way of interaction between different cultures but also pays off the effort writers put in compiling[…]

The translate option which appears under Facebook posts doesn’t make much sense most of the time, and the reason lies in the old machine translation method. However, being the largest social media platform (with 1.8[…]

Collin Dury, a writer at Independent Online Mag, brings an important case to the world of translation. Asda, a well-known British supermarket, recently printed a wrong translation for a signboard in Cwmbran, South Wales. The[…]