Adaptation of Marketing Translation Services in Vietnam Culture

Marketing translation is essentially the simplification of marketing objectives. Many questions are raised about marketing translation and its types. Translation of marketing material is different than other types of translation for several reasons. Some of the available translated materials are is insufficient and is notpoorly translated well. This can be dangerous when they are produced on a large scale. According to Luke Innes, a writer of Creative Translation, this thing fact can make brands unfavorable. There lies difficulty in almost every area of translation. Moreover, nowadays, the content is very important. It must be very well written and appropriate. Marketing translation should gain reward worldwide. Complete understanding, correct research, and good writing ability is a must.

Writers should have complete freedom so that they can work effectively and focus on writing valuable marketing copy. Quality copy is demanded by most companies. For this reason, there are two main tricks to make it successful:

1. Use appreciating style, such as adding idioms, metaphors, images, and colors to enhance the appeal

2. Creative approach with a good use of color and imagery. They are is the keys to have a successful marketing material translation that will be demanding for the crowd.

Besides those tipsis, marketing translators should handle the brand names and religious theories carefully. Last but not least, for brands and agencies, selecting the well-trained editors, copy writers, and translators is mandatory.

Transtrust is fully equipped with all the sources that are essential to make the marketing translation process entirely effective and sufficient to attract customers. We understand that the piece of translation we provide to brands will strengthen their identity on an international scale. Therefore, Transtrust has proven itself as the best service provider for marketing translation services in Vietnam culture. We understand that the piece of translation we provide to brands will strengthen their identity in the international scale.



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