Our rigorous process control helps you reach your goals.

We break a basic task into the standardized five-step process

Create detailed instruction, style guide and user personas


Translate with your style guide and target audience in mind


Ensure consistency and accuracy

04.Quality Management

Maintain desired level of excellence

05.Final Eye

View the content in its final context

Accurate translations require just the right steps to convey their message to the target audience. Therefore, our standard process covers all the required steps to help you reach your goals. This is how we make effective translations possible:

    1. Brief: This is a pre-translation phase in which we gather complete information about the project and its key requirements. To minimize the risk, we undertake pre-translation analysis with the client, discussing everything starting from terminological issues like the tone of voice, cultural relevance, and target market to technical issues like contextual resources and tools to be used, etc. This also covers what needs to be translated and what does not. Accordingly, we prepare briefs and style guides, keeping in mind the estimated cost, time, and key project stages.
    2. Translation: After collecting all the required ingredients in the first step, this step is all about cooking the perfect recipe. With the right selection of words and specialized software, the document is systematically translated while the exact format is kept in view. This will assure each sentence is a discrete and complete unit of meaning.
    3. Proofreading: As soon as the first draft is complete, it undergoes advanced proofreading process. Under it, the translated document will be methodically compared to the original text, confirming no text has been missed or misinterpreted followed by language corrections and layout analysis. At this very step only, we undertake any formatting or DTP, ensuring that all details are accurate and correctly used and the document is translated to its best standards.
    4. Quality Management: We follow a rigorous QA process to ensure that the highest quality of translation is delivered. Delivering quality results is what we believe in and this is what forms the backbone of our processes. Right from the best linguistic experts to well-crafted translation documents, we make sure the consistency of terminology is never compromised, thus helping our clients to achieve the best possible results.
    5. Final Eye: At this stage, final linguistic reviews are taken, last minute corrections and edits are made and finally, the final version is created. A final review takes place to ensure everything is well-placed and appropriate and meets the client requirements. With a sole focus on the quality of expression, the main document is then carefully compiled and handed over to the client.

This is our standard process for the most basic translation. We understand our clients’ unique needs and project requirements and can have a glossary creation step added to the brief along with as many proofreading, quality management and final eye sessions as they want. For us, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We are always happy to serve our clients until they get fully satisfied with our services.