Transtrust Earns Customer’s Trust with Vietnamese Certified Translation Services

Google is known for A/B testing every now and then on its applications and services. Recently there has been an increased number of tests and Google is now experimenting with Material Theme redesign, which allows them to download updates simultaneously and adds a budgeting feature. With respect to Google’s operation in a number of countries, it has decided to introduce a translation feature to translate the description of apps available in foreign languages.

According to an article written by George Burduli on XDA Developers, the default language of your device is taken by Google as your first language or the language you understand. Whenever an app with the description in other language is opened, a feature appears on the screen to translate it. The translation is done through Google translator, increasing its accuracy. By tapping on the translate button found above the description of the app, the software instantly translates the text to the device’s default language, without any delay.

This new update is more widespread than simultaneous downloads. There is no need to download any APKs, and this update is by default for the Play Store version 14.5.52.

The language experts at Transtrust keenly observe the features of this Google Translation Service. We believe that every language has its own rules and regulations for presenting things in its own essence. The translations by Google usually lack the ability to keep the professional touch of technical documents. We strive hard to keep the confidence of our customers by making sure their needs are met  every step of the way with our professionally Vietnamese Certified Translation Services.


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