Quality Requirements for Vietnamese Marketing Translation

Transcreation is a creative endeavor. One must step back from the source and to convey the emotional equivalent in the target language. It adds emotional impact and meaning from one language to another. To create a high quality transcreation, being a professional translator as well as having experience in marketing and advertising is indispensable. Louise Pierse, LOUISE PIERSE a renowned writer of Women in Localization defines transcreation quality in detail. Transcreation has been around for over 20 years. Translation quality evolves with tried and tested methods, and includes 50% linguistic quality and 50% creation quality. Creative content should have a great leadership piece to promote a campaign with some power to increase brand demand and awareness. Content should be published with specific criteria, such as strong SEO. Understanding of the local target audience is also a must have.

Transcreation brief

Without clear guidance, it is easy to get lost down the rabbit hole. Transcreation brief is the key for defining the quality guidelines. Post-publishing measurement requires collaboration and depends on the marketing objectives of the content, whether it is lead nurturing, driving customer engagement, brand awareness, or increasing conversions and sales.

At TransTrust, Wwe at Transtrust, always keep the key points in our consideration for linguistics as well as for the creative translations. We provide Vietnamese marketing translation by clearly identifying the purpose and target audience to let our clients get maximum benefit in for their business. Our technology, is based on cultural understanding, SEO creative writing, and research skills. We believe these are key success factors in  producing a perfect translation.


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