The following piece of writing comes from the Bay Area Book Festival that took place in Berkeley, California.

As we know all the great and scholarly works from the past like Shakyamuni Buddha, Plato, Kafka, Dostoevsky, and last but not the least, the Bible were presented to the readers by the translator, so it has in Berkeley. There we see a special interest in translated literature. The Bay Area Book Festival that took place in Berkeley, San Francisco, promotes enthusiasm and provides different opportunities to literature lovers.

According to an article published on BERKELEYSIDE, U.S research clearly shows that 20% of the people in Berkeley were not born in U.S. The research also shows that 29% of these people did not speak English as a first language. The students of America are wishful to examine the fields like literature. In this way, UC Berkeley entices them very much. Moreover, a few of many dominant competitors live in Berkeley and work there.

The declaration of the translation of new literature is not up to the mark. In the United States, the books that are printed every year mostly consist of poetry and prose. According to a recent research, only 4% of the work of literature is present in translated form. If you observe this 4% of translated literature, it is a very low percentage. There exist many institutions that are working to present more translated literature. Many promoters are engaged in focusing to provide new works of literature into translation. The Book festival that is held every year in the Bay Area, provides many authors who are translating the literature and their books are present in the festival.

At Transtrust, we strive to provide perfect literature translation in the Vietnamese Language. Our glossary is well equipped with all the literary terms to convey the exact literature meaning to the Vietnamese Language readers. Our team members are always there to make it sure to update the glossary by keeping a keen eye on the different literature festivals held globally.



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