Most Common types of Vietnamese to English Translation Services

In the last few years, the professional translation industry has advanced to a great extent.

Several new terms are now used to explain or introduce translation services. The following are some of the services offered by translation companies in South Africa and Worldwide:

Website Translation Services

This includes translation web documents, web texts, and translating the subtitles of videos available on webpages. Translating from websites means some other elements should also be kept in mind, like converting layouts, address format, and currencies according to local rules so that everything is modified according to the local audience. The world is becoming a global village, therefore it is important for websites to translate their content into various local languages for audiences belonging to different countries.  

Proofreading Services

Website content sets the image of the company. From business cards to emails, whether translated or not, should be grammatically correct and error free. The easiest and shortest way to get the perfect text is to have proofreading services, which eliminates grammatical, spelling mistakes, and sets alignments. 

Transcription Services

With the presence of multimedia content, text has its own importance. To make verbal communications effective in presentations, meetings, and calls and even through multimedia production, transcription services cannot be ignored. The source can come in many audio formats, either delivered via a live speech or pre-recorded MP3, MPEG or any other format and is then listened to by a transcriptionist who then converts it into text form. A document is created which can then be mailed, edited, shared, cross-referenced and is searchable. 

Desktop Publishing Services

Translation needs to be made impactful by formatting documents professionally and properly so they create a visual appeal. With Desktop Publishing Services, documents are made to look professional, formatted properly, are pleasing to eyes and can be readily printed.

Interpretation Services

The main purpose of interpretation services is to deliver the meaning of one language to another, without losing its context, semantics, and actual message. Interpreters often have to live translate from one language to another, in one-on-one meetings, groups or in a conference. Interpretations are of three different kinds:

  1. Consecutive Interpretation: This is the most common kind of interpretation, the speaker speaks first and then the interpreter translates. This is especially used in legal situations. 
  2. Simultaneous Interpretation: speaker and interpreter go side by side, and both speak at the same time. This is used when there is a huge conference or live exhibition.
  3. Telephone Interpretation: it is the same as consecutive interpretation but the phone is used as a medium. This is usually used in hearings, for medical appointments, and meetings with clients. 

Multimedia Localization

All forms of multimedia, including videos, graphics, charticles, animations, and documents are translated according to local understanding. Multimedia content is now used extensively by various organizations to engage their audiences and therefore the need to localize it is also increasing. Translators have to be cautious when doing their job to ensure that the content being localized is according to the targeted culture and will be accepted by locals. 

Before hiring any translation services it is important to have a look at their portfolio and skillset. Transtrust is the best professional translation company which offers all Vietnamese to English translation services.


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