Hungarian Literature Reintroduced in Vietnam

The ever-increasing demand for literary translations has developed a huge market of translators, and many translation scholars have been putting in their efforts while doing this tough job.

Most recently, the famous Hungarian novel – Stars of Eger by Gardonyi Geza has been released in Vietnam with a new translation and illustrations. According to VietnamPlus, the release is part of a celebration of the 70th anniversary of relations between Vietnam and Hungary which falls next year, according to Ambassador Ory Csaba. Over the past 70 years, the friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Hungary has seen strong growth, particularly in more recent years.

The book launched on June 20 in Hanoi, after which the Hungarian ambassador said Vietnamese and Hungarian people have many similarities in mind and soul, despite their geographic distance. 

“Through the book, the author described Hungarian people with patriotism, strong will, bravery and a desire for peace. I believe that all Vietnamese people in any historical period have the same characteristics.”

“The book was first introduced in Vietnam in 1972. It received a lot of attention and interest, with Vietnamese people and students always visiting Eger when they come to Hungary,” said Ambassador Csaba.

He stressed that the book will contribute to strengthening the cultural exchange and friendship between the two countries.

This is actually the second time that the book has been introduced to Vietnamese readers. It was translated to Vietnamese in 1972 by translator Le Xuan Giang who was born in 1937. Giang studied in Budapest and became the first Vietnamese person to translate Hungarian books from their original language.

The new version includes some updates in translation and has illustrations by painter Pham Ngoc Tan. 

Vietnamese writers are well-known for their contributions in literature and we at TransTrust acknowledge that. Translation can not only be beneficial in making more literature available to more people, but it can also strengthen the connections between two different countries. Without these translations, we would not know the similarities in our different cultures.

Our Vietnamese to English translation services are up to the mark and are bound to develop the readers’ interest in un-explored Vietnamese literature. 



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