Using Translation Tricks to Improve Your English

English learners are often told they should avoid translating when trying to get a grasp on their new language. If you’re an English language learner, you have probably been told this by your teacher.

However, there are two big problems with this. Number one is pretty simple – it is difficult for bi-lingual learners to choose which language they think in. Secondly, there are actually a lot of benefits from using your Vietnamese language skills translating when learning a second language.

Translation is a useful tool, and can help you observe differences between English and Vietnames, which will make your English more natural in the long term. It allows you to build up your vocabulary and practice using new words and phrases.

Of course, Vietnames and English are not the same language, so it is not always possible to translate everything. There are significant and important differences between English and Vietnamese in several areas and this can cause huge problems for learners.However, knowing exactly when you can’t translate is part of the skill of intelligent and efficient translation.

Of course, it’s ultimately better to be able to think and speak in English without translating when you reach a more advanced level. But while learning, it is silly to ignore translation as a tool. Not only is it another tool available to help you learn, but it’s a particularly useful tool a lot of the time. One of the big advantages of learning as an adult is that you are able to have an enormous bank of pre-existing knowledge.

At TransTrust, we encourage English learners to use our Vietnamese to English translation services as a learning opportunity. We understand that learning a new language can be challenging, and our committed to bridging the language gap between English and Vietnamese.


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