Top Notch Professional Vietnamese Translation Going Beyond AI

There are several aspects to build the foundation of an organization that requires huge labor demand. Instead of hiring in-house talent or outsourcing, AI can be a huge benefit for almost the same budget. According to an article by Techstartup’s team, around 30% ROI is yielded due to AI incorporation but only 17% of companies employ AI due to several hurdles in its implementation.

Intento, a prominent company regarding machine Translation services introduced AI gateway. The platform will be giving companies a chance to evaluate various AI solutions for content processing. Vendor-agnostic AI platform, since 2016, helps companies hire cognitive intelligence, and gives access to various AI vendors through one API integration. By offering SaaS solutions, Intento’s main target has been language translation services. All the leading content publishing, e-commerce, and travel companies use its services to translate above 1 billion words monthly! Keeping the real-time performance, optimization, and expense of AI, the company relies on the major providers like Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, and others.

Extensive evaluation and strict training of AI models define its quality. Mistakes in its development can be extremely costly for the company as they are identified only after its implementation.

The system of Transtrust is fully equipped with all the latest technologies of AI. The technical team at TransTrust updates the system regularly to not miss any latest addition in the glossary and provide top notch quality,  professional Vietnamese translation.


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