Secure Data Room Review

Secure Data Room Review

Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) are an online collaboration and file storage platform that is created to ensure the safe sharing of confidential business documents. They are typically utilized in M&A, IPOs, due diligence and real estate asset lifecycle management, capital raising and other projects that require the safe storing, managing and sharing of business-critical files with external third parties. The best VDRs are equipped with various features that reduce the risk of data that is sensitive being leaked to third parties.

Secure VDR should be apprehensible to unauthorised users and provide features such as granular permissions and click trails to prevent accidental disclosure of private information. They are susceptible to human error and require the right training to ensure safe and efficient VDR use.

If your VDR is secured with security that is bank-grade but is still vulnerable to 71% of common attack vectors involving human error, it doesn’t really offer any protection at all. For instance, the majority of users use a screen-grabbing software on their computers such as Snag-it, Paint or the Windows Snipping Tool – these applications can create screenshots of documents within your VDR and reveal confidential content to unauthorized individuals. Therefore, it is imperative that you check if your VDR solution comes with a solid security feature to stop users sharing login credentials. Most VDRs do not limit the number of times a user can log in and out, which means that one person could be able to access documents 30 times.


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