Healthcare Translation

It is well-proven that Healthcare translations and transcreations are more challenging than those in any other industry. It requires not just the right medical terminology but also highly specialized language specialists who can convey the right details with their level of education and understanding. That’s why only medical translators and transcreators who have experience in a particular healthcare field can take up English Vietnamese Healthcare translation and transcreation.

At Transtrust, our professional team constitutes specialists with a required educational degree, training, and work experience in their respective healthcare disciplines. We know how critical it is to get these translations/transcreations accurate, which is why so many clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers and biotech companies rely on us for English Vietnamese Healthcare translation and transcreation of their important medical documents. Our expert medical linguists make use of a stringent quality assurance process to translate as well as transcreate your sensitive data in a consistently clear and accurate way.

Our English Vietnamese Healthcare translation and transcreation solutions extend to three main areas of this industry, which are:

English Vietnamese Transcreation/Translation for Drug/Clinical Trial: Our experts can meet all your biomedical and pharmaceutical language needs. We make sure every medical information is well-translated/transcreated in the best interest of both patients and companies. Whether it is Patient Benefit Information, Procedure Information, Service Catalogues, Clinical Surveys, Medical Records or Diagnosis & Prognosis reports, Transtrust provides you with the best language solutions in quick turnaround times.

English Vietnamese Transcreation/Translation for Medical Equipment: We understand the importance of precision and comprehension when translating/transcreating for the medical equipment industry. With our commitment to quality, attention to details, and deep understanding of each device, Transtrust aims to effectively communicate the purpose and utility of every equipment with clients and patients alike. From medical device manuals, training guides and materials to medical questionnaires, we provide English Vietnamese medical translation and transcreation solutions of an expert level.

English Vietnamese Transcreation/Translation for Health Plans And Insurance: Working on hospital, insurance, and health plans requires a full understanding of stringent regulatory laws along with multiple levels of quality control. We at Transtrust allow for no compromise at the point where language and healthcare plans converge. From the patient’s medical history, medical lab report to insurance clause, everything is well taken care of in a language that is understandable by the target audience.

Healthcare solutions require a connection between their different areas and we at Transtrust make this possible with our advanced English Vietnamese Transcreation/Translation solutions.