Transcreation Vs Translation

Developing content that suits different markets, languages and cultures require a number of techniques and skills. It is not just about translating the content from one language to another. For a brand to be a global success, every piece of content at every stop of the global journey has to be culturally appropriate and relevant. For this, both translation and transcreation techniques must be used the right way. However, often these techniques are used interchangeably, but these are not identical processes, although they are related.

Transcreation Vs Translation: How they are different?

Transcreation service at TransTrust

Transcreation Vs Translation: How they are different?

When it comes to creative pieces, translation goes a step further and this is where transcreation comes into the picture. To put it simply, transcreation is a creative translation that uniquely customizes the content for your target audience while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. A technique which is beyond grammar and towards feel!

Translation, on the other hand, requires conceptual exactness and terminological precision. It focuses more on the words, grammar and the tone of voice and conveys the same written communication from one language into another.

While the former translates the emotions, the latter translates the meaning!

Transcreation service at TransTrust

At Transtrust, we aim to make your cross-cultural marketing a hit. Our marketing transcreators are native to the language and culture of your target audience and are selected on the basis of a specific expertise in branding and advertising. As only a native marketing-oriented linguist can accurately gauge the impact of a a marketing material on specific stage of customer journey, we make sure to deliver brands and organizations the most effective message in quick turnaround time and on-budget.

Our well-trained transcreators have an extensive knowledge of target markets and the ability to creatively adapt the messages with respect to the target audience. We offer services that help you achieve a much greater level of customer acceptance and satisfaction. Our extensive pool of services covers everything you need for your advertising and marketing campaigns: OOH, social media marketing materials, TVCs and cultural consulting

We stay updated with all the industry innovations and keep up with the latest transcreation technology and software (i.e Wordfast, SDL Trados, MemoQ) to provide our clients with the best creative results. We make sure your creative efforts are paid off well.

Let us help you expand your reach beyond cultural and geographical limits!

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