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Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE) is a collective database for all European countries, in which they can access an online database and learn from this huge educational platform.  This database was established in 2004 with the cooperation of numerous giants i.e. European parliament, EU, European legislators, and many private companies.

The aim of this database was to provide the public with a developed and detailed online dictionary of vocabulary which they can use to link with other languages and find the suitable terminologies.

IATE was opened for public use in 2007, and since then it is the most favoured database with a large number of users. There are over 8 million terms in IATE available for professionals and the general public. The success of this database can be easily accessed by the 50 million queries it receives from people each year, these figures indicate its influence among the European Union.

With the advancement in technology, new changes have been introduced in this database. Now, the users can compare a particular word or terminology with 2 or 3 other languages altogether. The user interface has become user-friendly and takes less time than the older version.

The other side of the coin is that IATE doesn’t support any Asian languages in their database. To overcome this problem, we at Transtrust have been building our own database glossary for over 15 years. Users can easily use Transtrust’s glossary, as it is maintained and regularly updates with reliable terminologies.

All European Professional Translation services link their translation to IATE for public reliance and we at Transtrust do this for Vietnamese Translations, to provide top notch quality services to our customers.

Reference http://termcoord.eu/2018/11/the-new-iate-is-online/

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