English to Vietnamese Translation – What are the Differences?

For native English speakers living in Vietnam, it is clear that there are major differences between the two languages. 

Often foreigners come to Vietnam to teach English, as the overall demand for English speakers in Asia grows. Foreigners may also attempt to learn Vietnamese while they are living in the country, and most will often find that the way the language is spoken is very different from their native language. 

Many Vietnamese believe that it’s pretty much impossible for foreigners to master their language on a native level. As an English to Vietnamese translation service, we pay close attention to the differences between the two languages to make sure we are offering the highest quality translation services.

One main difference between the two languages is word length.  One important trait of the Vietnamese language is that most words are short, some very short. Studies have shown that the average word length in Vietnamese is among the shortest in the world.

This is also a very important factor to consider when it comes to translating graphic designs and software. For example, there is a saying in Vietnam,

 Phong ba bão táp không bằng ngữ pháp Việt Nam.” 

This can be translated to, “The hardships of struggling with a violent storm don’t compare to the hardships of mastering Vietnamese grammar.” 

You can see that the Vietnamese text is much shorter, and takes up less space. We make sure to consider this when translating important text from English when space is a factor.

A major difficulty that foreigners can also have when learning Vietnamese is the tone system. In Vietnames, the tone of a syllable often changes depending on the tone of the adjacent syllables. This is a well known phenomenon to speakers of Mandarin, but is a very unfamiliar concept for English speakers. Native English speakers also recognize tone, but in a different way. Often a change in tone will reflect a change in emotion, or emphasis, and does not change the meaning of the word itself. 

Despite these differences in language, TransTrust is confident in our expert translators, who have an excellent understanding of both languages. No matter the industry, from business and finance to travel agencies and more, our Vietnamese translation services will help your business expand to the local Vietnamese market. 

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