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Translation mistakes can not only greatly affect the quality of your content, but can also be the cause of major misunderstandings and can cost a lot of money to fix. Sometimes poor translations can be[…]

Business often aim to globalize and expand their services across new markets. The economic benefits of expanding your business do not come without their challenges, however, and businesses must deal with the translation of business[…]

In a recent article by Viet Nam News, a prominent Vietnamese writer and translator talks about his experience with Vietnamese translation. Writer Nguyễn Thành Nhân has translated more than 30 books into Vietnamese. He recently[…]

If you’re someone who is an avid traveller, then you are probably aware of the many complications that come with language barriers. Everything from asking for directions, to interpreting food menus, trying to navigate a[…]

A recent article in the Herald Journal tells the story of reporter Matilyn Mortensen, who recently finished her degree at Utah State University in the United States. As part of a study abroad program called[…]

Most avid watchers of Anime will tell you they prefer to play games and watch anime in the original Japanese language. The reality is that even if no changes have intentionally been made, the English[…]

TransTrust has always been focused on creating a reliable platform for global organizations. It is playing its part in providing the global business giants to find their way in the Vietnamese market. Translation services are[…]

Translation plays a crucial role in many areas of international politics and foreign relations.  According to TRTWorld, the issue was recently highlighted in the US media with claims that President Trump’s interpreter could be asked[…]

At TransTrust, we know the importance of accurate Vietnamese to English translation. From important legal documents that can decide the fate of an individual, to news announcements that affect large numbers of people, there have[…]

With all of the major technological innovations happening in modern society, we often run into the question, “What is more efficient?” In a world of computers, AI is becoming smarter every day, and has more[…]