American Student Uses Translation to Connect with Vietnamese Students

A recent article in the Herald Journal tells the story of reporter Matilyn Mortensen, who recently finished her degree at Utah State University in the United States. As part of a study abroad program called “Raising Voices: Global Storytelling,” she travelled to Hanoi to learn more about Vietnamese culture, and share her own knowledge and insights. During this trip, she will teach some of the storytelling skills she learned at university to Vietnamese high school students, as well as spend time gathering information to produce her own articles while she is here.

Mortensen’s goal while in Vietnam is to lead three storytelling workshops with her group and complete personal storytelling projects. As she begins her work, she will start by learning to work through translation — a skill that will be useful and important both for teaching and gathering information for their projects.

Matilyn shares in the article, “As we do our run-through, it takes twice as long to communicate ideas. It makes me want to speed up and speak in long sentences, but instead I slow down my speech, pausing at the end of each sentence while another voice fills the space with unfamiliar words. The pattern forces me to think of what is the most essential and focus my ideas. These phrases are the easiest to translate.”

As we have discussed here at TransTrust, English to Vietnamese translation is essential in many areas of localization. In this case, a student uses translators to communicate her ideas to other students, as well as to learn about the culture of Vietnam. At TransTrust, our expert team works hard to make sure your content is not only translated accurately, but is also localized to be understood and accepted by Vietnamese audiences. Our team is experienced in this area, and will also help your business team with any localization services while in Vietnam.

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