Legal Translation

When it comes to translating legal documents, a high-level of precision and care is required. Legal translation is believed to be the most challenging field of the translation industry as every country’s legal system is different, which means a particular concept in one legal system may not be equivalent to another. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the nuances conveyed by the local regulatory bodies and government agencies in order to effectively translate and transcreate the legal documents within that country’s framework. With TransTrust, you have all your business and legal translation needs fully covered.

Since more and more companies are expanding into the Vietnamese markets to increase their global market share, there is a need for professional, certified, and culturally accurate English Vietnamese legal translation and transcreation solutions. At TransTrust, we make use of streamlined processes and quality assurance procedures that allow us to focus properly on this important sector. Over the years, we have built a strong memory of legal terminology, which guarantees accuracy and consistency for every project we undertake. For even the minor punctuation or terminology errors can lead to significant ambiguities, in a way, adversely affecting your business or brand.

TransTrust has a team of industry specialists that can assist you in matters related to dispute resolution, international litigation, contractual matters, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, patents, antitrust matters, money laundering, anti-bribery policies and so on. We use advanced English Vietnamese legal translation and transcreation techniques for translating legal documents, court transcripts, codes of conduct, witness statements, judicial transcripts, expert opinions, anti-corruption policies, and other official documents.

With our wide range of English Vietnamese legal transcreation and translation options, we are dedicated to providing responsive and reliable legal translation/transcreation solutions to the legal community, helping them to communicate globally. Since accuracy is everything in this field, we make sure all your legal documents are well attended to. We have served a number of clients in this industry and have helped them to have a strong foothold in their area of concern, namely Coca-Cola, UnionPay and Kimberly-Clark.

TransTrust offers a comprehensive suite of English Vietnamese legal transcreation and translation solutions all under one roof. Our language skills and subject-matter expertise will help you meet all your communication needs, thus, ensuring case-level continuity throughout the matter. With us, you just have to focus on one thing and that is Winning.