Gaming Translation

With the gaming industry set to rise to $90 billion by the end of the decade, the number of people playing games would also rise exponentially. Thanks to the growing number of smartphones, other smart devices, and online platforms, gaming has become far more accessible today. This means every country could enjoy the benefits of this industry if their people can understand and relate to the game. So if you are planning to enter the Vietnamese market, you have to make sure your game is well-received. To make it successful, you need culturally-specific language solutions, which only a professional can provide and we at TransTrust can be your professional support throughout this process.

English Vietnamese Translation and Transcreation is critical for the success of your game in the Vietnamese market. We make the game’s elements including storylines, conversations, icons, and styles relevant and adjusted to the target audience so that they feel more related to the content. At TransTrust, we employ highly qualified linguists with verified industry credentials and experience in this arena.

Our professionals understand how gaming communities over the world have different slang and lingo for different concepts and objects within the game. So we make sure our English Vietnamese Translation and Transcreation is both culturally appropriate and in correct tone of voice.

TransTrust undertakes specialized production process to give your game that much-needed region-specific look and feel. We also do keyword research in the native language to increase your game’s visibility in the app store, thus, effectively promoting it among the target audience. We understand your business requires real-time updates for gamers in terms of scores and levels so our language solution specialists make use of the latest tools and technologies for creating bespoke English Vietnamese Translation and Transcreation results.

Not just in-game translation and transcreation, our English Vietnamese Translation and Transcreation solutions also extend to marketing and game materials that covers app store descriptions, posters, subtitles, website, competition rules and so on. In short, everything relating to your game that needs a dose of correct translation and transcreation.

As gamers, we were just as excited to play these games as we were to work on them. The biggest game projects that we have worked on are HyperX and SA Gaming.

It is our people, technology, and processes that help us deliver your gaming content with the right intent on time and in budget, ensuring that it is suitable for your global gaming audience.