English Vietnamese Translation Experts

100% of English Vietnamese translation are made from Vietnamese native speakers. 60% of them have between five and seven years of translating experience. 30% have between seven and ten years of experience, and the remaining 10% of our talented team have more than 10 years of experience. TransTrust recruits are required to pass a screening test, as well as a specialized test for their required field or specialty. We also provide a semi-annual training on specific advanced vocabulary, our style guide and helpful translation tools, which is followed by an exam to ensure our skilled team continues to improve.

Linguistic knowledge, however,  isn’t the only factor that counts. To deliver a truly superior product also requires industry experience and expertise. In each area of specialization, we place a talented Department Head with at least 10 years of specialized field experience who is responsible for strict quality management. This Department Head is supported by a team of translators and editors, each with at least 5 years in the field. Our teams have experience working with many international companies on important projects. Our core mission is to assemble a team that uses all of their combined knowledge and skills to prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

English Vietnamese Translation Process

Once the required materials are submitted to our team, we will send a quote to you within half an hour. Then, our 3-STAR-PROCESS  begins. Each of our three stars indicates a step in our efficient workflow: a translator, an editor and a final eye. The final work is never ever allowed to reach you without fulfilling each of these three stars. DTP (Desktop Publishing), if necessary, is adapted and completed at Star number three – final eye. Upon request, a 4 or 5-STAR-PROCESS, which includes editing/proofreading from another final (in the case of four stars) and the addition of a quality manager (in the case of five stars), is available.

 English Vietnamese Translation Transcript/Document

The range of documents we accept includes, but is not limited to:

  • Official documents (birth certificate, passport, employment contracts, etc.)
  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing materials (online and in print)
  • Internal business materials
  • Legal documentation
  • IT documentation
  • Medical documentation

English Vietnamese Translation Tools

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • SDL Wordfast
  • Trados
  • Transtool
  • Memsource

We also provide other services

Free 300-English-Vietnamese-word translation

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