English Vietnamese Interpretation


​Our interpreters are fluent in both source and target language. With at least 5 years of interpreting experience in a specific language pair, they are able to express speakers’ ideas clearly and coherently. Moreover, they are familiar with both cultures involved in order to utilize the right style for each conversation. We only assign interpreters with at least 3 years of industry experience to conduct any industry-specific project. That means our interpreters are equipped with a high level of knowledge and appropriate terminology to efficiently convey and transmit the thoughts and ideas of speakers in both languages.

Furthermore, other advantageous skills that we require of a TransTrust interpreter are efficient note-taking techniques and an outstanding memory. All of our interpreters have signed disclosure agreement with us to ensure the confidentiality of all conversations and materials.


​Firstly, we receive an order from a customer. Then, a quality manager will create a checklist of requirements in order to develop and ensure an efficient process before the project even starts. The checklist outlines the requirements of each step of interpretation. In our screening process, a group of voice samples from specialized interpreters will be sent to the customer in order to ensure the selected interpreter fulfills all requirements of the customer, which include but are not limited to accent, fluency, emotional intonation and speed. The samples will be sent until the customer is completely and 100% satisfied with the selected interpreter. Next is the on-boarding process in which our team member gets more insights regarding the role or the person and event he or she will be interpreting. Then comes the working process. At Transtrust, we are equally concerned with the after-work process, during which we receive customers’ feedback, allowing us to improve our services and ensure our continued success.

A quick phone call can connect you to one of our professional interpreters within seconds.

We offer various ways to assist you with interpretation.

  • Immediate or pre-booked phone interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • On-site interpreting
  • Business meeting interpreting (upon special request)
  • Video-based and/or remote interpreting

Please note that due to the limited capacity and time differences, immediate phone calls as well as immediate interpreting via other channels may not be available.

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