About us

Transtrust is the fastest growing English Vietnamese translation service in Vietnam.

Translation Expertise

Fluency and expertise in a wide range of topics

Translation style

Accuracy and creativity of the delivered texts

Quality management

3+ rounds of quality checks

High-caliber team of professionals

Local professional translators and transcreators with proven experience in specific industries

TransTrust’s high-caliber team of professionals

Transtrust’s excellence stems from our highly qualified team of translators, interpreters and consultants.. All of our translators and editors are native speakers in their assigned target languages. But language prowess isn’t the only advantage of each of our team members – everyone is also able to offer refined industry and field expertise.

Our assigned team leaders are responsible for the delivery of end products that meet the highest quality standards. Each has at least 10 years of translation experience in the designated field, supported by a team of translators and editors with 5 or more years of experience each.

Our team has previously worked with international companies on various projects.

Trantrust’s commitment to rigorous quality management

Our 3-STAR-PROCESS is applied when working with translation, transcription or localization.  Three stars indicate a translator, an editor and a final eye. The final product is never submitted to customers without going through all of the above steps. We adapt DTP (Desktop Publishing), if applicable, during the final eye check.

Our 4 or 5-STAR-PROCESS, which requires editing/proofreading from another final eye (in the case of 4-STAR) or another final eye along with a quality manager (in the case of 5-STAR), is available upon request.

Interpretation and voice-over work have their own quality management processes. Once we receive a  request, a quality manager will create an individualized check-list of requirements to ensure efficient and high-quality work. A group of voice samples from specialized interpreters are sent to the customer so that he or she is satisfied with the selected interpretation or voice-over professional. We call this the screening process. This process ensures that the selected member is satisfactory to the customer in terms of accent, fluency, emotional state and speed, as well as other criteria.

Next, during the on-boarding process, our team member receives more insights regarding the customer and the event with whom he or she will be working. Once all of these requirements have been fulfilled, our highly talented team member is ready to perform the working process. At TransTrust English Vietnamese Translation Service, however we are equally concerned about the after-work process, during which we gather our customers’ feedback. We always consider this feedback an enormous contribution to our continued success and improvement.

Whatever service we deliver, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism, specialized knowledge of the field and adept understanding of the subject matter. Your loyalty is always our reward.